The cookbook event of 2010

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The introduction of Joachim Wissler’s new book

He is Germany’s highly decorated cook – three Michelin stars, 19.5 points in the Gault Millau, five Fs in Feinschmecker. In a recent survey hundreds of cooks in Germany voted him their best cook.

After eight years, Joachim Wissler from the restaurant Vendôme in Bensberg has now brought a new cookbook onto the market.

And this book has a good chance of becoming a milestone in recent German cuisine history.

Wissler’s culinary universe has expanded at an exceptional speed in the last few years. “JW” will present the current state of his breathtaking, ongoing developments. These developments are influenced greatly by Wissler’s incredible imaginativeness as well as his technical mastery, and always follow one specific rule of thumb: to concentrate on the essential.

In his book you will find nearly 120 dishes - 120 precisely harmonized little culinary wonders. As every one of these dishes consists of several different components, the amount of individual recipes comes close to 500. All are to find on a dynamic webpage with a personal code.

The dishes are arranged into five large menus. Four of them are based on the four seasons. One of them relates to the “new classics” of the Vendôme kitchen.

An unusual aspect of the book is the confident openness with which Wissler describes even the smallest detail of the often very complicated creative process. This is quite possibly the first time that one of the best cooks in the world has given his audience such detailed insight into what really goes on in his kitchen. The respective and at the same time novel, unconventional optical appeal is underlined be images that did not originate in the studio of an established photographer. They were in fact taken by Erik Chmil.

“JW” is a book that will surely be of exceptional use to both professional cooks as well as experienced amateurs.

And of equally extraordinary aesthetic value for friends of sophisticated, creative food photography. “JW" is a book that should not be missing in any professional kitchen or cookery bookcase.
Date of publication: June 2010
Price: Price: 75 € plus postage and packaging
Dimensions: 32 cm x 26 cm
Pictures: approx. 250 pictures
Recipes: approx. 500 recipes on a dynamic webpage with a personal code
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