Gourmet Restaurant "Vendôme"

Star chef Joachim Wissler and his team have established the Vendôme as one of Germany's best restaurants.

In their first year in business, the Vendôme, which shares its name with the famous square in Paris, received its first Michelin star. Now the restaurant boasts three Michelin stars.
 In addition to numerous other awards, the Vendôme has been named "Restaurant of the year by the prestigious ‘Feinschmecker’ magazine and in 2005 Joachim Wissler was named "Chef of the Year".  Joachim Wissler imaginative concoctions are unforgettable - refined yet daring - using only the finest ingredients, the purest aromas and unique visual arrangements to create an artistically exciting dining experience.

The wine list, featuring over 900 selections, meets the highest standards of world-class wine enthusiasts, offering both classic wines as well many well-kept secrets. Our Sommelier, Romana Echensperger, is happy to help you find the perfect wine of your meal.

The Vendôme, located inside a nobleman's house, was completely renovated in August 2007. Zebrano wood, Travertine granite, carved crown moulding and stained glass enhance the historic atmosphere of the restaurant, for a modern and timeless elegance that matches the culinary excellence.

Opening hours: Wed-Sun: 12:00 - 14:00 hours and 19:00 - 21:00 hours

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