• I
  • I


    The driving force behind all thoughts and attempts to change things.


    The attempt to create perfection.


    The courage and freedom to try things whose logic becomes apparent only later.


    The urge to learn, to experience and understand new things.


    Distinctiveness and clarity as the most important criteria for old and new.

  • II
  • II


    The protection of long-established knowledge as foundation for the future.


    The product of a selection process in which the superficial and the trivial are left behind.


    The recognition and acknowledgement of timeless dishes whose structure is worth being analyzed.


    The most precious reward for our efforts and the groundwork for future development.


    The readiness to deal with the consequences of mistakes with a view to preventing them from happening again.

  • III
  • III


    A calculated attempt to expose people to new culinary horizons.


    The goal to achieve things with minimal means and not leave any questions unanswered.


    The link between quality and quantity is essential for a smoothly operating kitchen.

    [Self confidence]

    To act with conviction developed from experience without being arrogant.


    The realization that success is not just the result of hard work, but also of happy coincidences that may not last.

  • IV
  • IV


    To develop new ideas, without forgetting about ones own fallibility.


    The conviction, that our guests‘ enjoyment must be an essential part of our job.


    Those special moments that turn a meal into an unforgettable experience.


    To always bear in mind that a great experience also depends on the cordiality of the people around.


    To awaken emotions, past experiences and turn them into something new.